Tips for a Rockin’ Core

August 21, 2017
1.  Don’t forget about your back:
Everyone focuses on doing sit-ups and other core work to get the six-pack; but your lower back and butt are just as important for your core strength! Start incorporating exercises that also serve those muscle areas and you will see faster results. Also, your six pack isn’t going to emerge if you don’t remove the layer of fat that is obscuring it. But that’s a post for another day!
2.  Plank, plank, plank:
This move does it all!  The plank is a very neglected exercise and one of the only ones that works the entire core. The key is to make sure you are holding the position correctly. Really focus on pulling your belly button into your spine. If your lower back is arched, you aren’t getting the full benefit of the exercise and, in fact, may be putting your back under too much strain. If you can’t hold the position properly on your toes, try planking from your knees until you build up the necessary strength.
3.  Most important- Don’t skip:
Core provides stability for every exercise you do. Making sure you have a good working base is crucial for all other gains. So make sure you take time to work your core even on the days you don’t fell like. A quick set of 45 second planks is better than nothing.
4.  Don’t forget to engage core on all other exercises:
Be mindful while you are completing other exercises that your core is engaged. Not only will this insure that you are working your core throughout the entire workout, but you can help prevent injuries to your back while performing other exercises.
5.  Do core in the beginning:
Core work won’t cause fatigue that could affect the rest of your work out. Get it out of the way first thing! That way your muscles will stay activated throughout your entire workout.