It's never too late in the year to work on your best self. It's never the wrong time to join. Actually, now is the BEST time. You'll see results before you see pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and hoodies. You won't have to hide anymore. And that is what freedom feels like. Sign up for a free week membership, no strings attached.

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With our one-week free pass, not only can you get seven days of great workouts, but you can experience what makes Fitness Premier a premium fitness provider. Team training will help you achieve your goals with friendly competition, GroupX classes help you learn as you lose, and 24/7 gym access means you can workout whenever you want. We won't judge you for coming in at 3 am. But, we might judge you for working out in your footie pajamas. Shoes are required, folks!




You can always join online. But we'd still like to see you. Can we interest you in a fitness assessment?

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Guys. Our team is awesome. Basically they live and breathe to help you reach your goals. You know why? Because it's a huge win for you, which we love to see, but it's also a huge win for us! Successful members are a walking advertisement for how well we do our job. Check out the the team that will help you on your journey!

Aspirational Inspiration

Michele doesn't let a little hair in her mouth bother her. She lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle.

Motivator Extraordinaire

Don't be fooled, he is not distracted by things far off in the distance. He is totally dialed in on your goals.

Provider of Tough Love

This is the face of someone who knows you are ready to take charge of your lifestyle.

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