Self Care For The Fitness Lovers

February 20, 2018

How many times have you heard, love yourself before your love others? Many times. It is easier said than done. The first step is to try self care. You have to care about yourself before you love yourself and there is many ways to practice this. We want you to just focus on the two most important ways to begin self care that we believe will end in self love. Health and fitness… shocker, we think not!

So, why fitness? Why working out? Why go to the gym? Well other than the obvious exercising is a huge endorphin booster! Endorphins is a chemical substance that basically boosts your overall mood along with many other things. Lucky for you, we have 7 locations you can get your workout on! If you aren’t feeling the gym somedays then here are other ways to include fitness into your self care routine…

-Go for a run

– Go for a hike at the closest state park

– Ride your bike

– Take a yoga class

– Plan a sports game outside with friends

– Go ice skating

– Find an indoor rock climbing wall

Now that you have released some endorphins and got your workout on… it is time for some food! And no we do not mean eating all your girl scout cookies or ordering pizza because that workout wore you out.

We have two great options for you. Put the cookies down and grab a dotFIT cookie that is not only just as delicious but has protein in it too! So what about the pizza?


Head to and order yourself some healthy, delicious and prepared meals! Yeah we are serious, and they will deliver to your door. We know changing your diet can be really hard so here are some other small ways to step into it.

– Drink more water

– Take a multivitamin every day

– Eat less processed foods

– Eat a well balanced meal of fats, proteins, and carbs

– Cut out soda and sugary drinks

– Eat more lean protein

– Switch to whole grain