Company Philosophy

Team Member Promise

Fitness Premier is dedicated to supporting your individual fitness journey. We will guide you through every stage of your goals, helping you find a balance. By offering an array of specialty classes, inspiring trainers, and a welcoming environment you’ll feel empowered. At Fitness Premier you’ll achieve your fitness dreams and be part of a supportive, healthy community.

P - Prepare for change
R - Remember why you started
O - Open up to challenges
M - Make time for others
I - Invest in yourself
S - Savor the journey
E - Enjoy healthy results

3 Steps of Great Service

  • A warm and sincere greeting every time you enter and leave our facilities.
  • An empathic understanding and anticipation of each client’s needs.
  • Being Present at all times while in the facility with our guests, members, and clients. “Being present in the day with our clients help separate us from the pack.


To help create better lives, better families, better communities one person at a time in all communities we serve. By doing this, we have faith we are making this world a better place to live!


Fitness Premier 24/7 clubs exists to motivate, educate, and inspire the communities we serve. We encourage people to come together as a way to support one another’s goals. We believe that offering an environment of trust, teamwork, and progress can make anything possible. Our members are the everyday proof that we’re all working together to create a healthier world.

4 C’s of Coaching

  • Connect - Always find a way to connect with those around you. Connection leads to influence
  • Caring - When interacting with those around us, we will communicate in the most caring way possible.
  • Coach - Be present in any coaching situation you are in.
  • Consistency - Give feedback in a connecting and caring way as often as possible.