COVID-19 Updates

Fitness Premier Members,


We want you to understand that we are fighting the good fight to reopen our clubs completely. We know that the only viable solution to COVID-19 at this time is to be healthy. Currently, the Illinois mandate states that fitness centers can open for “Personal Training” and outdoor Classes only. Fitness Premier Clubs have followed the state regulations and will continue to do so to ensure the safety of our members and staff.  For Illinois, Phase 3 begins on May 29th and Fitness Premier Clubs will reopen our doors at 9:00AM on Friday, May 29th. We will resume Personal Training and outdoor Classes on Saturday, May 30th. For the first week upon opening, we will be running outdoor Team Training Classes and we will phase in GroupX Classes over the coming weeks based on participation at each location.


All Personal Training and Team Training billing will resume as of June 1st. Your billing date will be the same as it previously was before we closed. We do understand that you may need to continue the Freeze on your account during this time. If you wish to keep your account Frozen for another month, please submit an email to with your Name, Email and Home Club. All membership dues will continue to remain frozen until further notice.


At this time, Fitness Premier Clubs will be offering access to our facilities with a punch card for members during Training Hours. Punch cards will be available for purchase starting Friday the 29th at your club. For more information on Training Hours and how to purchase your training hours punch card, please stop into the club or contact the Manager at your home location.


We want our members and employees to know they are safe inside of any Fitness Premier Club. While distancing may be a part of our new normal, wellness and connection remain more important than ever.  Having a safe place to boost our immune systems as well as our mental and physical health through exercise is vital to our health. We will continue to work tirelessly to reopen our clubs completely and we will continue to update you as more information becomes available.


Please feel free to reach out to the Manager at your home locations with any questions.


We look forward to seeing you soon and remember- exercise is the best medicine!


The Fitness Premier Team