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Team Training classes are a huge part of this boot camp. We combine high intensity intervals with resistance training. This combination is perfect to achieve a lean, toned physique. Coupling these workouts with a fully developed nutrition plan creates amazing results.


If you work the program, you WILL get results. The best version of yourself on the big day. And, hey, it doesn't hurt that you'll look back at those pictures and think, "DANG, I rocked that dress!" 

Check out some of our members and their success stories.

We customize a plan JUST for you, and coach you through every step.

Coaching Sessions

Full Nutrition Plan

Just 6 Weeks

Complete, 6 week nutrition plan including easy-peasy grocery lists!

"This program has done wonderful things for me, I'm grateful for my team and trainers. 

Going to the gym is the easy part, being in the kitchen is the tough part. I started out in this program for my wedding but now that I'm married I would be lost without my morning team training and I'm so glad I've made friends and goals that make it easy to continue on this journey." 

Mallory Krutsinger

Bourbonnais Member

A $249 value, this boot camp includes:

  • 6 Weeks of Coaching
  • 6 Weeks of Team Training
  • 6 Week Meal Plan
  • dotFit Platform Access
  • 24/7 Access to Club

Online sale ends May 15th! 

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This is what Team Training looks like:

Check out the video to see how our classes incorporate resistance and high intensity interval training. This type of workout is for literally any level of fitness. We offer 3 levels of classes and there is room for variation within each class! Regardless of your fitness level, we promise a great workout.

Build muscle and tone up!

Building muscle doesn't mean "getting bulky", it means 

re configuring your body composition! Muscle tissue eats fat at all hours of the day. You'll be a lean machine! 

Forget the toaster, 

register for this bootcamp!

Come check us out and see for yourself! Take a tour of the club, see how much we've helped other people. 

Being coached and held accountable is THE most critical component to this bootcamp. Our team creates a custom plan and then makes sure you are hitting your goals!

Everything You Need

Every aspect for your success is addressed over the next six weeks. Complete meal plans (including grocery lists!), one-on-one coaching, nutritional coaching, body composition measurement and analysis, unlimited Team Training, 24/7 access to facility, and dotFit access.



dotFIt isn't just a provider of nutrition, vitamins, and supplements. Their platform offers a nutrition tracker and SO MUCH information. And you get access to it all!



"Walk in the door and BOOM the energy hits you and you get the workout done and go on with your day highly energized and anxious to be back at another work out tomorrow."

Cathy Olley Goralka 

"This gym has changed my life, it turns exercise and working out into realizing life and personal fitness goals. Team training absolutely hits the spot for me..."

Manteno Member

Monee Member


Don't Have 6 Weeks?

We know. It's not like life stops while you are getting everything ready for the wedding. If time got away from you, we also offer a 21 Day Quick Fix. Work the program and lose  pounds in just 21 days!

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