Bouncing Forward: How I’m Changing my “Post Baby Body” Story

October 2, 2018

“You’ve done it before, you can do it again!”

40 Weeks Pregnant!

Yep, I’ve lost 100 pounds before. But that was before. Before becoming a mom. Before being cut open. Before surges of hormones racing through my system like they are now. I’ve never had to balance so much before.  Taking care of a tiny human, quality time with a fiancé (and dogs!), keeping up with our home, having a job, allowing my body to heal, and working on my fitness- all simultaneously. I have lost 100 pounds before, but that was all I had to focus on then.

Leaving the hospital with our girl

My daughter is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She is perfect in every way. I made some mistakes throughout my pregnancy; I gave into the exhaustion and the cravings and, before I knew it, I gained upwards of 70 pounds. As if being very overweight while working in the fitness industry isn’t enough to cause insecurity and embarrassment, add in the hormone fluctuation- a perfect recipe for depression. My daughter deserves a mom who is happy and healthy. If I don’t have the strength to do it for myself right now, I need to do it for her. The way I feel about and talk about myself will not only damage my well-being, but will also damage hers. She learns by watching and listening. I need to be an example for my beautiful little girl. I need to teach her that she needs to love & respect herself and the only way to teach her that, is to re-learn it myself. To hear and believe in my own head that I’m worth it. The way I look at it is I have two choices; to let how I currently feel weigh me down (pun intended) or let it motivate me to become better and stronger than I ever was. I choose the latter.

Onward <3

That’s what this journey is about. It’s not about “bouncing back.” It’s about bouncing FORWARD into this new life, new body, and new me. Mom edition.