Adventures in Fitness: From HS to Owning a Fitness Premier

June 8, 2018

Tom Reidy is Fitness Premier’s very first franchisee. The OG. We lovingly refer to him as our guinea pig. Tom has owned the Lowell location of Fitness Premier for about 18 months; but his life with FP has been in motion for 9 years. When Tom was still in high school, his mother purchased him and his brother a membership at the Bourbonnais location. Like most great love stories, Tom was instantly infatuated.

One day while he was tanning, Tom was summoned by the manager to the office. He definitely thought he was in trouble, remember he was just 17 at the time. However, in what would turn out to be the first step in a long road, he was offered a job.

“I started at the front desk but really I cleaned, checked people in, and cleaned some more”

Tom’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed, and he was quickly shifted to the Manteno location to help run the club. After just 8 months of learning the ropes, the powers that be decided Tom was ready to run a new location in Little Rock, Arkansas to prove his training had sunk in.

Little Rock turned Tom in to a Little RockSTAR. (see what we did there?) He got moved back up to Melrose Park and then back to Bourbonnais.

“I got a baptism by fire when the manager didn’t show up one day and I did 8 Fitness Assessments, closing 6 of them. I was hooked.”

Tom loved FP but with a physical therapist assistant degree, he figured it was time to move on and start a new chapter. But just like in the movies, FP kept pulling him back in. He got offered the position to run a new location in Beecher. About this time, his mom started working at the Manteno location making it a true family affair.

In October of 2014, Tom put his money where his mouth was and bought into the Beecher club. He spent every dime he had to be truly ALL IN with Fitness Premier. Nervous and anxious all at the same time, he knew there were big things to come.

That was phase 1. Phase 2 came with the corporate purchase of a club in Lowell, IN. Tom went to see it and the wheels started turning. That club needed some TLC but the staff was outstanding.

So off to Lowell he went to be closer to the new business because he knew he would be investing a lot of time to grow it. Tom was integral in turning this club around. Just a year later he decided to make the move and become the first franchisee for Fitness Premier. Who better than someone that had started from the bottom and worked his way up?

“I spent 7 years learning, growing personally and helping develop the FP Brand so it had to be done. I NEEDED to be the first franchisee.”

Today Tom runs a very successful Lowell club and is a big figure in Fitness Premier lore.