A Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, full of chocolates, expensive dinners and even possibly binge watching Netflix all night with your significant other. For all the fitness lovers out there, Valentine’s may cause some anxiety wanting to have a special night but staying on top of your health and fitness goals. We have come up with plenty of ideas to have fun, be romantic and still stay healthy, leaving the guilt at home for the night. It all comes down to the kind of gifts that are given, what you plan on doing and of course your meal. We understand the struggle and we laid out a perfect night with plenty of options to choose from.


What to give as a gift?

As the gym wears and tears on our bodies we feel exhausted, worn out, and a bit sore, right? Forget the chocolate, ditch the flowers and grab a gift card for your lover at Massage Envy, they will have something relaxing to look forward to rather than the guilt of eating a whole box of chocolate.


What to do?

Going to see a movie means a large popcorn and your favorite soda. Binge watching Netflix means you may just do take-out to be lazy. Try planning a fun hiking trip, a couple’s workout at the gym or even head to your nearest ice skating rink. Get moving, stay active and still have a great night out! Getting active is a lot more fun than watching another movie like any other night.


What to eat?

Everyone plans reservations at the fanciest restaurant. Nothing wrong with that if you know they have plenty of healthy dinners to choose from. Another option is cooking from home, throwing on your favorite jams and even dancing during prep time. Plenty of recipes out there to make (we love Pinterest), grab your favorite wine and light those candles. Now that’s romantic.