5 Ways To Crush Your Endurance Game

March 24, 2017
Try incorporating compound exercises.


1.  Combine strength days with cardio days.  Simple equation: the more muscle you get working, the more it will challenge your heart and your cardiovascular system.  Instead of doing separate workouts for strength and cardio, try to weave them together doing more metabolic workouts 3-4x per week.   Do supersets (which are two exercises immediately following each other) with little to no rest instead of one exercise and resting for 1 minute.
2.  Reduce amount of rest between sets. People generally take between 60 and 90 seconds between sets, but if endurance is your goal, then sacrifice break time as much as possible.  By the end of your sets your muscles should be burning.  Giant sets are a great strategy.  These consist of 4 movements with little to no rest between exercises. After 1 round, rest for 30-45 seconds then do those 4 exercises again.  Do 3-4 rounds of that.  Over time the workouts will be easier which means your endurance is improving.
3.  Do fast paced high intensity lifting.  When lifting weights, do them at a faster pace then normal. This still improves strength, but mainly increases endurance.  Great way to wake up your metabolism.
4.  Choose compound movements over isolation.  Compound movements require more than one joint being used.   A couple of examples would be thrusters, clean and press, pushups, dynamic lunges, and curl to press. Engaging multiple muscles throughout an exercise will stimulate your heart which, in turn, will improve your stamina.
5.  The same routine is the enemy!!  Switching up your routine is essential for building endurance and stamina.   The human body gets used to the same thing after two weeks.  Changing it up will decrease boredom and leave the body guessing as to what’s coming next rather than anticipating what’s coming next.  Doing the same routine will eventually result in a plateau. Switching things up not only equates to better results, but essentially eliminates the plateau and will help you stay motivated to improve endurance.