5 Reasons You Should Find A Workout Buddy

March 7, 2018

Are you skipping workouts? Do you need more of a challenge? Are you just freaking bored of working out?

Yeah, probably because you don’t have a workout partner… DUH!

We get it, you are used to having your own routine and jamming out to your own music. Did you know that having a workout partner will lead to even better workouts? You are 70% more likely to be successful if you have a workout partner with you at the gym. So go find yourself a partner and see for yourself the 5 reasons why you need a workout buddy and a bonus at the end.

1. Stop skipping the gym

You have someone counting on you to show up because you are both holding each other accountable. It is more than likely your workout partner also needs you as much as you need them. No more excuses for you to sit at home watching Netflix… get off the couch and get to the gym because your partner is waiting for you.

2 Have more fun

Working out by yourself can either be super repetitive, boring, or maybe both. Why not get a buddy and have fun with it. If your workouts are more fun then you will be more motivated to show up to them.

3 You will try new workouts

Like we said working out can be repetitive and it shouldn’t be. You might have seen a new and fun workout on Instagram but you’re too nervous to try and look stupid. When you have a workout buddy you can look silly together but feel more confident trying it out. Laugh at each other not yourself.

4 Have some healthy competition

Maybe you have been going to the gym but not really benefiting from your workouts, then it is time for some competition to get you going. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody! It only means you will be challenged and work harder at the gym.

5 Safer workouts

This can lead back to trying new workouts but also knowing they will be safe workouts. Or what about wanting to go heavier on your normal exercises but never had anyone to spot you. This is the perfect chance to step it up and test your strength.

Now our bonus reason to get a workout buddy is because for the month of March you get a free month for referring a friend. We gave you 5 reasons why you need one and if that didn’t convince you, we are sure a free month has you convinced.