Whether you are just starting, or you have hit a plateau; The 21 Day Quick Fix is the perfect catalyst for change. Sign on for one on one coaching, a complete 3 week nutrition plan, and unlimited Team Training access.

21 Days.

Every thing you need 

to lose 7 lbs.

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21 Day Quick Fix has to offer.

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The Fix provides you with access

to the entire four pillar program offered by dotFit.

Team Training

dotFit Platform

Personalized Coaching

Team Training classes are included and every class is run by one of our certified trainers.

Our coaches will design a game plan specific to your goals and keep you on track. 

Our fitness coaches create plans tailored to your goals. Throughout the 21 Day Quick Fix, they will meet with you to assess your progress and make any changes necessary to keep you on the right track.

What will you accomplish?

Mark lost 23.5 inches in 

3 weeks...

"The staff have truly made a huge impact in my life. They keep me positive and push me to be better than my best! "

-Amy B

21 Day Quick Fix

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